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Technical Data Sheet/Bulb Thermal Actuators/FP-BTA/022011
Technical Data Sheet Bulb Thermal Actuators, Series FP-BTA

• According to BSEN12259, UL199, LPCB 291a/02
• Thermal Actuator consists of (a)Thermo Lock with Glass Retort, (b) Spring Transmission of percussive mechanism, which initiates the capsule, (c) Safety Ring and Pin during transportation
• Temperature Rating, oC, 57, 68, 79, 93, 141, 182
• Temperature Tolerance, ± 3.5 %
• Bulb Colours, orange, red, yellow, green, blue, mauve, depending on temperature rating
• 5 mm diameter frangible glass bulb manufactured from a stock 5 mm tube
• During operation the liquid within the bulb will expand until the required operational temperature is reached. At this point the glass bulb will ‘burst’, allowing the thermal mechanism to actuate the built-in firing pin, which in turn initiates the capsule, and causes ignition of the SBK solid compound in Generator activator
• Strength (Crush Load), kN, 4.0 (LTL Typical 3.0 kN)
• Typical Operating Time, 28 sec (UL)
• Typical RTi, 87 (EN)
• Precise calibration of the bulbs during production enables accurate operating temperatures to be achieved
• The surface area of the glass is maximised to allow optimum conductivity of heat from surrounding air to bulb liquid

SUITABLE FOR: electrical panels/cabinets, computer/server/electrical rooms, generator/boiler rooms, boat engine compartments, obstructive accessible areas, etc.